Blocks and reinforced floor panels
Please note: In this section panels refers to our roof and inter-storey reinforced flooring panels. We do not supply any external facade thin cladding panels.

Thanks to its characteristic structure the AAC Ytong material comprises millions of tiny pores, it offers optimum solidity at low weight. As air has a low heat conductivity, aerated concrete provides for excellent thermal protection. It protects from cold and heat, allowing for single-shell constructions which provide more space, save time and reduce costs-aspects which are of considerable importance to property developers.

Aerated concrete is made from natural raw materials – sand, lime, cement and water – with an aerating agent.

YTONG thin joint block
This block is our standard product which is produced in various sizes, formats and bulk densities. The outstanding thermal insulation by air trapped in millions of minute pores is a characteristic feature. The requirements imposed by the German regulation on energy conservation (EnEV) are easily met with a thermal insulation value of up to lambda 0.09 W/(mK). Other properties of this material include the high load-bearing capacity of solid blocks with a robust supporting frame to bear loads from all sides, as well as outstanding protection against fire. YTONG flat blocks can be used for fire walls. Pockets cut into the block allow these blocks to be laid ergonomically, as well as quickly and easily on a thin mortar bed thanks to large formats with tongue and groove. Blocks can easily be cut to the required size with a saw. Further advantages: YTONG flat blocks provide an ideal base for attachment without cavities, permit optimum surface treatment through homogeneous, level wall surfaces and good noise protection. YTONG aerated concrete is made from natural raw materials – sand, lime, cement, water and a small amount of sponging agent (powdered aluminium).

Ytong standard block size
Dimensions (mm) – 600 long x 250 wide x 200 high
Packaging – palette of 40 pieces
Output in Masonry – 1.2 m3

YTONG flat building board
Solid partition walls with little own weight can be erected quickly and easily using YTONG flat building board. The YTONG flat building board is similarly characterised by outstanding protection against fire and also by good noise protection due to the advantageous pore structure. Handy large formats are easily processed using thin mortar beds. Blocks can simply be cut to fit with a saw. Homogeneous, level walls permit optimum surface treatment of the flat building boards, which simultaneously provide an ideal base for attachment without cavities.

YTONG W lintel
Reinforced YTONG lintels are available to span openings in load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. The YTONG W lintel (load-bearing) is characterised by its high load-bearing capacity. Form work is not needed. The lintel is laid quickly and easily in a thin mortar bed and can immediately be subjected to loads. Supports are not required. There is no need to change materials when finishing the surface, since the same plaster base is involved. The YTONG W lintel (non-load-bearing) is used in non-load-bearing walls. It too does not require a support and the bricklaying work can continue directly.

Ytong inter-floor panel construction
Ytong reinforced panels are laid side by side to create the inter-floor. These panels are profiled to fit together and provide a space for the horizontal steel. A reinforced steel cage connects all steel, horizontal and vertical and the darker grey shows the final concrete pour. Note how the smaller Ytong block provides a thermal bridge in this construction method.

Ytong floor panels have a standard length of 1.870 mm for 125 and 150 mm thickness installed on Pre-Stressed Concrete (PSC) Beams at 2.000 mm centres. The thickness of the floor panel is determined by the free span of the PSC beams. For example the span achieved using this method can be as much as 9 metres on 300 mm thick PSC beams combined with 300 mm thick Ytong floor panels.

Ytong internal construction options





Curved wall